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30th Anniversary Concert part 2, Stockholms Konserthus, Stockholm, Sweden - 7/10/18 @ 16:00

Hötorget 8, 103 87 Stockholm, Sweden

This programme reflects the innovative side of Stockholm Chamber Brass. The programme consists of the group's own arrangements, commissions and cross-genre works.

To commemorate another jubilee the group perform Leonard Bernstein’s final work, his Dance Suite from 1989.
La Fugitive from 2004 is one of the first three works that Britta Byström composed for Stockholm Chamber Brass.

Today’s guest soloist is the American composer and trombonist Mike Svoboda. A spectacular musician who collaborated with Karlheinz Stockhhausen, here he shares his own-composed suite, Alphorn Therapy, a unique experience is promised!
Mike Svoboda has also composed one of the concert's World Premieres, What It Takes for Brass Quintet, written especially for Stockholm Chamber Brass.

One of the first pieces that Stockholm Chamber Brass ever performed was Sven David Sandströms Heavy Metal from 1991. The piece has become a standard work for Brass Quintets worldwide.
Now, 27 years later, Sven David has written a new work for Brass Quintet, Eleven Short Pieces, for this special event.

Stockholm Chamber Brass has been working for several years with the author and dramatist Magnus Florin, a collaboration that has resulted in a total of four works in which text and music are mixed.
Love’s Masque sees Stockholm Chamber Brass’ trombonist Jonas Bylund recite original texts by William Shakespeare along with responses from Magnus Florin to music by, among others, John Dowland, Thomas Morley and Orlando Gibbons.

Francisco de la Torre (1470-1520) - La Spanga
Britta Byström (b1977) - La Fugitive
Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) - Dance Suite 
Mike Svoboda (b1960) - What It Takes (World Premiere)
Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) - 3 Dances from the Soldier’s Tale
Mike Svoboda (b1960) - 2 pieces from Alphorn Therapy
i Airbag (1996) for garden hose
ii V as in Cool (2000) for drain pipe and audience
Sven-David Sandström (b1942) - Eleven Short Pieces (World Premiere)
Love’s Masque. A performance with text by William Shakespeare and Magnus Florin and music from Shakespeare's time by John Dowland, Thomas Morley and Orlando Gibbons among others


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