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Building on a successful and exciting launch in 2018, Stockholm

Chamber Brass are delighted to return to the Aurora Festival to

continue their work with Aurora’s brass students.

The star-studded cast of Stockholm Chamber Brass offers a brass

course specially tailored for the Aurora concept and experience.

The course will include special warmup sessions with members of

the quintet, individual lessons and masterclasses, sectional

rehearsals, audition training and mock auditions, large symphonic

brass ensemble including performances and workshops, and

discussions with the SCB members. Brass players will also be

divided up between the Symphonic programs including Mahler’s

1st and Beethoven’s 5th Symphonies. There is also the

opportunity to participate in the newest edition of the Aurora

Music Competition. All in all this promises to be an intense, exciting and fun 9 days of music in Stockholm.

The course is also part of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm’s “Additional Training” programs which provides participating students with 7.5 ECTS credits.
And if all that wasn’t enough: this amazing course is free for EU citizens!

Further Info:-
Course period: August 17-25, 2019 (travelling days 16 and 26 August). It is an absolute requirement that all participants are in place in Stockholm throughout the whole course period!
Application Deadline: May 21, 2019
Application Form:
Audio or Video-recording is obligatory when applying
Course fee: 0 SEK for European citizens
ECTS- Credits: 7,5

· Jury prize: 1 000 EUR + solo performance at the festival Grande Finale
· Audience prize: 500 EUR

The competition is open to all participants at the Aurora Festival Masterclasses. Each participant has the option to take part with a solo work for their instrument between 5 and 15 minutes in length.

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