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Chamber Music Week Recital, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway - 7/11/17 @ 19:30

Lindemansalen, Norges Musikkhøgskole Slemdalsveien 11, 0363 Oslo

During this week we have the honour of working with the brass students of the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo as part of their Chamber Music Week. After a day of teaching and coaching we shall give an evening recital of some of our most famous works, combining commissions written specifically for the group alongside some of the classic repertoire for brass quintet and even a chance for one of our members to get a bit dramatical.

Witold Lutoslawski - Mini Overture
Anders Hillborg - Brass Quintet
Igor Stravinskij - Dances from Soliders Tale (arr Joakim Agnas)
Love’s Masque. A performance with text by William Shakespeare

and Magnus Florin and music from Shakespeare's time by John

Dowland, Thomas Morley and Orlando Gibbons among others
Benjamin Staern - Two Should one Mind, part 1
Viktor Evald - Quintet No 3
Malcolm Arnold - Brass Quintet

Tickets: 150/100 Krone
Concert will be held in the Lindemansalen

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