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Equipment list:

B&S 3099/2 Regular brass, Mouthpiece Perantucci 64

Sami Al Fakir

Stockholm born and raised, Sami Al Fakir has been the tuba player of Stockholm Chamber Brass since 2014.  Before joining the quintet Sami was the Tubist of the Uppsala Chamber Orchestra and Linné Brass Quintet, a position he held from 2006-2009.  Sami studied at Royal College of Music in Stockholm with Prof. Michael Lind where he won a 1st prize scholarship to study in the college. After finishing his studies he also received the prestigious Gålösiftelsens/Sixten Gemzéus travelling scholarship and 2nd Prize at the Svenska Solistpriset, (Swedish Soloist Prize). After his competition success Sami went on to perform solos with both the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Gävle Symphony Orchestra. He is a regular guest with Sweden’s orchestras such as the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic, Royal Swedish Opera, Swedish Radio Symphony and Swedish Chamber Orchestra as well as the Oslo Opera.  Since he could walk Sami has always been a performer and when he finds time to put the tuba down he can regularly be seen playing drums in the ‘Knights of the Nights’ or singing in the ‘Sami Al Fakir Orchestra.’ Sami often appears on stage and television and between October 2008 to October 2010 he toured Sweden in the 2 person show ‘Dina dagar är räknade,’ alongside Sissela Kyle. A year later he performed in the play ‘Blottard’ with Maria Lundqvist. He can regularly be seen on television performing alongside his good friend, the comedian Henrik Schyffert.

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