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Stockholm Chamber Brass Academy 2018 Opening Concert, Leksands Kyrka, Leksand, Sweden - 29/7/18 @ 19:00

Kyrkallén 23, 793 22 Leksand, Sweden

The 3rd Stockholm Chamber Brass Academy kicks us with an evening recital from SCB and our Special Guest Composition Tutor, Mike Svoboda(who also happens to be a pretty good trombonist!). After travelling hundreds of miles to attend the course what better way for the students to relax then listening to a concert of brass in the beautiful acoustic of Leksands Kyrka. Members of the public are of course very welcome too!!

Karin Rehnquist (b1957) - Valv
Love’s Masque. A performance with text by William Shakespeare

and Magnus Florin and music from Shakespeare's time by

John Dowland, Thomas Morley and Orlando Gibbons among others

Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) - Dance Suite
Mike Svoboda (b1960) - Concert Etudes V and III
Andre Previn (b1929) - Four Outings

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